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Mike R.

Back to School: Success Tips for Kids

Going back to school can be tough. After being on summer vacation, we may have gotten used to schedules that are less busy than the ones we have during the school year. Going to the pool, hanging out with our friends, traveling to neat places with our families (like we do for our "Where Do You Kuk Sool?" contest every year) -- these are all wonderful and important things, but if we don’t keep learning, then we’ll never create opportunities for ourselves to be successful. 


Part of being successful is being able to have the time and means to go to the pool, see our friends and family, travel to new places, and all the other things you would like to do with your life. We put together some tips for our kids to help ease the transition of going back to school. Check them out with your family to help set you up for success and your best year ever!

Eat a healthy breakfast every day (and lunch, too!)

Eating healthy keeps our bodies and minds healthy. Try to eat at least one piece of fruit with every meal, and some sort of vegetable with lunch. Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day, and reach for juice instead of soda. 



Keep your eyes on your teacher

Listen to your teacher while they are speaking, without fidgeting or talking to your neighbor. They have some very interesting things to teach you, and the best way to show them you’re ready to learn is to keep your eyes on them at all times.


Do your homework as soon as you can, & ask for help when you don’t understand

Set-up a homework plan with your parents. A fun way to do this is to make a homework chart with them. You can decorate it however you like, and mark your progress each day with stickers -- who doesn’t like stickers? Check out our tips for creating good homework habits.



Tell your parents what your day was like, and when you do well in school

A great time to talk to your family about your day is over dinner. Try asking them to share about their days after you share with them about yours. This is a wonderful way for you to stay connected to your family, no matter how busy the day gets.



Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

When you encounter a Bully, use your mind, use your words, use your legs, and ask for help when you need it. Make it a goal to “Buddy” someone each day.



Read every day

Set aside 20 minutes for reading at the beginning or end of your day. This will set a nice rhythm to your days, and take you on adventures of the mind! You’ll be surprised how quickly you get through your books if you dedicate a little time each day to reading. 



Find some physical activity that you enjoy and go out and do it!

Whether it’s martial arts, running, swimming, or dancing...whatever it is that you enjoy and gets your body moving, be sure to do it everyday for at least 30 minutes. Getting exercise regularly not only keeps your body, heart, and mind healthy -- it makes us feel good and helps us to sleep better, too! 



Go to bed at your bedtime and fall asleep right away

You will feel so much better in school if you get a good night’s sleep. Rest helps us to stay focused and active in class. If you find you are having trouble staying awake all day, maybe you need to be getting more sleep. 



Our goal here at Kuk Sool Won Family Martial Arts is to help you be more successful -- not just in Martial Arts -- but at home and in school. Remember, consistency is key!


If you start feeling like there is just not enough time in the day, please your parents and instructors know as soon as possible so we can discuss modifying your training schedule. We want to make sure you have the best experience and make sure you are receiving all the benefits of your martial arts training.