"I cannot recommend Christopher more highly. He is a highly skilled martial artist, plus a dedicated school owner committed to the advancement of his students and their positive impact to their community."

Mike R.



When: Last Saturday, Every Other Month 

Time: 9-12pm 

Where: SOEVAC Auditorium, 5056 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

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See instructor for registration and invitations... or register online now. 


This is a practice tournament setting, where students can learn more about competition and train for upcoming tournaments.


Annual WKSA tournaments are a great way to test your skills and enjoy some friendly-competition, while making new friends from all around the world!


Attending tournements should be a high priority for students who are ready to excel to the next level of their training. Tournaments are school-wide and include martial arts demonstrations as well as sparring and techniques. Attending tournaments is also an excellent way to meet fellow Kuk Sool Won members you may not get to interact with otherwise! Friends and family are encouraged to attend! 


(1) Martial Arts Etiquette: Students are required to know, understand, and practice proper martial arts training etiquette! This includes but is not limited to bowing in/out of class, using appropriate titles and language in class ("Yes Sir", "Yes Ma'am") and demonstrating focus and self control at all times before, during and after practice. 


(2) Martial Arts Discipline: In order to succeed in martial arts training, you must establish a good foundation of training habits. Consistency and commitment are pertinent to your practice. 


(3) Martial Arts Skills: Each level of practice involves basic, intermediate, or advanced level skills specified in the respective WKSA curriculum by rank.
 Each level of colored belt is designated a traditional open handed form and a set (or multiple sets) of techniques. This chart can be found in the back of your Student Handbook or your Official WKSA Textbooks. Students must also be able to demonstrate all rank-specific skills including hand strikes, kicking, stances, falling, breathing postures, etc... Should you have any questions, be sure to see your instructor...