"I cannot recommend Christopher more highly. He is a highly skilled martial artist, plus a dedicated school owner committed to the advancement of his students and their positive impact to their community."

Mike R.




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Reviews & Testimonials


"The year our son has spent working with the Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts School has seen him mature physically and mentally thanks to the superb teaching of Christopher Wilson. The school has taught him valuable lessons on the mat as well as life lessons that help serve as a foundation of his character. We are grateful for the class and look forward to continuing with the school." 

~ Elaine, Parent - 4 Years Old 



“I can’t tell you what you have meant to my boys... I am so proud of my black belts!”

 ~ Sandra R., Parent & Student



“I’ve learned so much already and can’t wait to learn more...”

 ~ John L., Student



“My son, Philip, has autism. He has trained in martial arts under Christopher’s leadership for nearly a year. Thanks largely to that training, Philip is now stronger, better coordinated, more focused, and greatly more confident.” 

 ~ Bob B., Parent



“Thank you for your expertise and all you do to make Kuk Sool Won GREAT!”

 ~ T.J., Student



“Christopher always has the best interest of the children in mind and always goes above and beyond our expectations. He is an inspiration and a true role model. My son loves the class and is always so happy to attend.”

 ~ Marcella D., Parent/Childcare Center Owner/Director



"I cannot recommend Christopher more highly. He is a highly skilled martial artist, plus a dedicated school owner committed to the advancement of his students and their positive impact to their community. As an instructor, he is motivational at all levels. Adults get age and skill appropriate training, while kids classes pay attention not only to core martial arts skills, but also the development of positive character building and integrity. His passion and detication for Kuk Sool Won and his students is amazing.  I highly recommend Christopher, and his school as a centre of excellence."

 ~ Mike Ridgewell Vice President, Worldwide CRM & Direct Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios


More Testimonials



  • Andrew H.
 I've taken my daughter here for about a year now and am very pleased with her progress.  I started her at 3 years old (I know, crazy, but wanted her to have something long term) and she loves it.  I like the formality, discipline and respect inherent in the martial arts culture.  


Photo of Carol P.
  • Carol P. 

Kuk Sool Won is the most fun I have ever had exercising.  It is a well planned system that is good for any age, from a young child to mature adult.  It incorporates all Korean martial arts into one comprehensive system.  Instructors are well qualified, and attend to individual needs of students. I watched my son for six months before I joined.  I never thought martial arts was for me.  I feel that Kuk Sool Won has something to offer everyone.  Discipline and following directions for the littlest, and for the more mature students, learning how to fall properly can reduce the possibility of serious injury from falling badly.



Photo of Langford P.
  • Langford P. 

I had been waiting for Kuk Sool to make it to  Los Angeles for almost ten years! Now that they're here, all I can say is that it was worth the wait. I tried out Hapkido, MMA, and Jujistu, but all felt like incomplete Martial Arts. Kuk Sool Won is the most complete style out there. The instructors are AMAZING! Their knowledge, patience, and communication are the best I've encountered. You really feel like part of a family right from the get go (which is very uncommon out here in LA). The health/mind/body benefits are incredible (WAY better than just yoga and cardio at gyms!). Another cool thing is that they keep the classes small so you get super detailed, almost personal training!  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!


Photo of Sydney A.
  • Sydney A.
Traditional Martial Arts at it's finest, Kuk Sool Won has something to offer you. Be it self defense, exercise, reahbilitation this discipline has it all! Add to that a team of instructors with the best training and experience to offer, and NoHo Martial Arts is a go-to destination!!
Photo of Moon J.
  • Moon J. 

Kuk Sool Won of North Hollywood is amazing!!!  The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable and Kuk Sool is a great combination of strength building, self defense and FUN!!!!!!



Photo of Danny H.
  • Danny H. 

Great martial art class. my child is 6 years and doing great. the teachers take the time to make sure the learn all the moves.


Photo of Sue R.

  • Sue R.
Our family joined KSW a few months ago and we are completely devoted to the sport and our new friends that we do the sport with.  We all look forward to our classes and are even going to participate in our first tournament this weekend.  This is such a great family activity for us because we all enjoy it; this has never happened before. I also never thought that I would be interested in martial arts, but the supportive, patient manner in which we are taught makes for a fun experience.  Every person at the studio wants you to succeed and they help you to do well.  Also, we learn etiquette and respect, not a bad thing! I highly recommend the sport, the school and the teachers!
Photo of Mike R.
  • Mike R.  

After a search for the best martial arts schools for our family, Kuk Sool Won fits the bill perfectly. It blends balance & breathing with self defense techniques & weapons training. The school is definitely worth checking out - excellent instructors, a great group of students, superb value to learn great skills while getting fit vs joining a gym. You won't be disappointed.



Photo of John G.
  • John G. 

Amazing martial art, once you start you will be hooked.  Who wants to go to the gym and waste time on the treadmill when you can get in shape, have fun, and learn a valuable life skill?  Not all arts are created equal...



Photo of Christa M.
  • Christa M.

Never heard of Kuk Sool Won? Check out http://www.nohomartialarts.com or at www.YouTube.com. A traditional Korean martial art not to be confused with Tae Kwon Do or Hapkido, Kuk Sool Won has a balance of joint locks, pressure points, traditional forms, weapons, animal styles, tumbling, grappling... A bit of everything! Great for Adults and Kids. You can find clips on www.YouTube.comThis is the only Kuk Sool Won school located in Los Angeles, south of Santa Clarita and San Francisco.